Damnable Shower Thoughts: Outsider Looking In

A friend texted she’s finally seen Captain Marvel. This is significant because I’m “The Movie Guy.” Always there opening weekend and there’s something opening EVERY weekend. But since July 2018 I’ve been watching at home, that is, waiting for the new releases to be available for rent.

Her text saddened me. I’m going to be several months out of step. Worse still, with all the Summer blockbusters coming I’m going to have to remove myself from the group texts to avoid spoilers. I’ll be an outsider looking in at the party.

Then, as if in my own teen-coming-of-age rom-com, the realization hit me: there’s a whole world out here I’m missing being the creepy peeping Tom.

(or we can just go to the damned movies again, it’s not THAT expensive.)

Eh. . . Maybe.

2 Replies to “Damnable Shower Thoughts: Outsider Looking In”

  1. Haha I love this. Especially the shower pic. I have such good writings-in-my-head in the shower. As for movies, in the theatre… yes, I remember that was crazy expensive. I loved being on the sofa with my husband and the VHS (or later, a download). Specially with a rom-com! Now, all I do is read and write, read and write… I’ve been trying to make time for pirated downloads of Real Housewives of New York, which a friend has promised me, but I can’t seem to tear myself away from WordPress. Strange how we can just exchange one addiction for another.

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    1. Absolutely! Though, my addiction is still there (movies) I’ve just moved it into my home. Almost like I’m hiding it.

      Honestly, I really like doing the movie thing from home. I’ll like it even more when I have a proper home entertainment system. Not that mine TV is bad, just “the grass is always greener” right? My only “problem” is I have to bury my head in the sand when the big blockbuster movies come out, but otherwise, it’s gooder.

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