Journaling June: Damnable Technology

My alarm didn’t sound this morning. Luckily I rolled over and looked at the clock: 03:23. I didn’t remember turning off my alarm—because I hadn’t. My phone showed the alarm was triggered but there was no sound. I checked the usual places: the ringer switch was on; the volume was up; and no bluetooth speaker/headphone was connected. I went into the alarm, reset the time, and waited to see if it would magically work. Still no sound. So, I checked the alarms settings, specifically the alarm’s tone. Nothing. Tapped it again. Nothing. Tapped a different tone then immediately back, bingo!

I’ve tested it several time since and it appears to be working fine.

(we forgot the cardinal rule of IT: turn it off and on again. but, eh, it’s working so, whatevs. phew!)

Yeah. Luckily the “mash it many times” technique worked. Take note, dear reader. If the power cycle doesn’t work, poke it until it does.

You might be wondering why I’m bothering to examine this incident further, since it’s fixed? I’m perseverating because niggling little mistakes like this are increasingly common with my Apple devices/apps/services. And while I understand that coding is difficult, and creating hardware is difficult, and mistakes will happen because no one is perfect (even when doing easy things), these small problems that crop up when nothing has changed, and interfere with day to day goings on, is increasingly difficult to forgive. Granted, there wasn’t any catastrophe, like being late for work. I only missed a couple sets of squats and crunches in order to make up for the lost time. Still, this kind of thing is happening more and it’s making it hard to trust my Apple gear.

(what’s the alternative? android?)

Possibly. Yet I’m reluctant to switch because I’ve worked in IT long enough to know that I’ll have just a many problems regardless of the platform. Because I’m familiar with Apple I stick with them out of a “devil you know” mentality. The real alternative, which has been whispering from the depths of my subconscious, is to figure out how to live without the faulty tech all together.

(ha! good luck with that noise.)

I understand the incredulity. I am in IT. I like my gadgets. But at the same time, I am NOT nearly as enamored with it all, nor forgiving of the failings therein, as I was. And thinking about this failings reminds me of my musings in Neanderthal Again? Maybe I was a bit too quick to point the finger at us dumb apes. Oh, we’re pretty ignorant alright, but maybe I should give a little credit to the faulty technology we’re so dependent on.

Really, it’s a symbiotic relationship. We don’t understand the true potential of the magic in our pockets, but at the same time the technology doesn’t quite work, or, when it does, it does so by some miracle of happenstance. And so the slightly “higher up” booger eaters wipe their brows and sigh in relief, and get to work on the next shiny-shiny the rest of us can’t live without.

So, in the same way that too much stuff lead me to embrace minimalism (of stuff), perhaps all this damnable tech is pointing to a digital minimalism. Something more significant than the ironic hipsterism of writing on a typewriter—at Starbucks. Actually taking a step back and examining what this technology is doing for me with the question, do I REALLY need it?, firmly in mind.

Or maybe I’m just too uptight. I haven’t had my tall, decafe, non-fat, cappuccino yet. But writing about this in my moleskine notebook has helped, so there’s that.

9 Replies to “Journaling June: Damnable Technology”

  1. Digital Minimalism. Also the title of a book 🙂

    Nothing ironic about an IT person embracing digital minimalism. In some cases, it seems inevitable. We work all day with tech, and are often exposed to the worst parts of it, so is it any wonder that we need a break? Besides, being in IT means we’re not awed by technology — it’s just another tool :).

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    1. Well said! Once again, my friend, you have cut through the BURLshit and got straight to the heart of the matter. Technology is just another tool with which we can mash our fingers but good.

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  2. Lol, I actually tried to turn off that green on button in your post image. That’s how habituated I am to doing that. Also nonfat decaf cappo’s used to be my fave. Haven’t seen a starbucks in a long while. Now it’s coffee press. I feel so hipster. ;)) #lifeinfrance

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    1. Ha! I do that kind of stuff, too. Every time I use my laptop I try to touch the screen.

      As much as I bemoan hipsters, most days I brew my own cappuccinos in my Bialetti Moka Express and froth my own milk in my Bialetti Tuttocrema. 😑 #potcallingthekettleblack

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      1. Ha! That is so funny. With me, the way I found out I had forgot to put water in the pot, was after forgetting I had put it on to cook in the first place, I found the pot, glowing red, with the handle melting down the side. Sigh.

        I’m much better now about staying there or the whole two or three minutes it takes to make my coffee. UGH! It’s SUCH a pain, but I while away the time with pumping my Tuttocrema. #phrasing!

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