Journaling June: Where Have All the Anole Gone?

Why are slugs black now? I remember slugs being brownish and green and shiny with mucus. On my walks all I see now are these charcoal sticks shoving their way across the sidewalk.

Actually, I’m less interested in why as I am with when. When did slugs turn into Sith? The when question is more important because I’ve noticed other things that are similarly different “all of a sudden.” This is distressing because I tend to be good at noticing details. By missing changes like this it makes me wonder if I’ve stroked out a bit. I mean, I did have a massive heart attack at 32.

Another animal change I’ve noticed is the green anole. Or more precisely, the lack of them. I used to see them all over the place, particularly in the Summer months, which down here is 9 of the 12. These days I might see one or two a year. In their place are these dark, almost black, lizards.

(another conversion to black. nature’s turned to the dark side.)

Like with the slugs, it’s weird to me that it seems like the world went from one to the other overnight. Did I forget the gradual change and I’m just gaslighting myself? Is this the beginnings of the slow decent into dementia? Am I experiencing the Mandela Effect?

(oh, yeah. that last one. multiple universes phasing in and out of one another. let’s go with that one!)

This reminds me of the immortal words of Bender Bending Rodriguez who said:

7 Replies to “Journaling June: Where Have All the Anole Gone?”

  1. “is it possible that my whole life is just a product of my or someone else’s imagination?” oh yes brother so probable, or possible. I have draft on this in my ozimandian drafts. Btw I love slugs and snails, please be sure to save them by helping them gently across the street (in the direction they are facing of course).

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    1. That’s usually what I do (help them back into the grass). With worms I try to find a cool, dewy spot because they tend to be dry and/or covered in dust.

      Crossing concrete must be horrible. I mean, to them its like busted glass. And they’re not walking, they’re pulling themselves across. UGH!

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      1. YES!!!! 😆Ok we are united on this topic. Slugs are beautiful. (So said my dad’s best friend — this amazing pot-cookie-making yogi he met in India — to me when I was little, and it changed my life forever. ;)))

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