Journaling June: Damnable Full Circle

Now that I’m on the downward slope in this Journaling June thing, having just passed the halfway mark a couple days ago, I have finally huffed and puffed enough to knock the plaster off some of the walls.

(we’ve had another moment of synchronicity.)

Yes. I discovered a podcast, Start With This, through The Grammar Girl podcast. I was attracted to the podcast because Start With This wants to help neophyte writers put their ideas into motion. While I don’t think of myself as a neophyte, I am trying to set up the pieces and really give this writing thing a go.

I figured I’d start with their first episode, “Idea to Execution.” Holy crap! I was face-to-face with the ideas I’d just written about yesterday! They put a more positive spin on it, namely, the need to make a habit of creativity. Regardless of what label, the bottom line is the same: I need to put my butt in the chair and write.

(which, incidentally, harkens back to our lamentations on writing challenges a few days back.)

The main takeaway from these marathon writing challenges (Journaling June, NaNoWriMo, etc.) is developing my creative habit. Really writing, with the intention of publishing, as opposed to half-assing burlshit.

(we got really good at half-assing burlshit it in college, didn’t we?)

Yeah. And it’s proving a hard habit to unlearn.

And there’s another lesson here. I knew all of this, intellectually, but it is only after I’ve put in the time doing it that I’ve actually learned the lesson. I can have all the book learnin’ in the world but it don’t amount to much until I put it into practice.

(which means we might not have learned the lesson yet. only time will tell. one more reason to get to work, yeah?)

Yep. Damn it. Looks like it. And to add insult to injury, I’ve got a heaping helping of blame to carry, so waggling my fingers at the world for relief isn’t so comforting after all. This coming to terms with reality is no where near as fun as the brochure promised. This full circle stuff is less freeing and more like the ouroboros.

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