Damnable Shower Thoughts: Future Petroleum Deposits

If the petroleum deposits we’re digging up now are from all the plant and animal carcasses deposited millions of years ago, all the cemeteries we’re filling up now are going to be convenient petroleum deposits for when the cockroaches, or whatever, rule the world—assuming they require petroleum products, that is.

2 Replies to “Damnable Shower Thoughts: Future Petroleum Deposits”

    1. Ah, SNAP! You out Whataburgered my Damnable Shower Thought.

      But to answer your question… Hmmm…. It’ll either render our petroleum worthless—take that you damned cockroaches—or it’ll make it like nos—take that you damned cockroaches.

      Either way, fuck them damn roaches. My petrol will either be worthless or destroy their engines in a fire ball of excessive speed. Ha!

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