17 Replies to “Shitty Movie Detail: The Lighthouse”

  1. Matthew was able to comment on this post but not me? Too weird. Today the stars and comment boxes are back, though. 🎉 They were missing for all your posts, in my reader view, the other day. 🤷🏼‍♀️

    I like the title of the movie. Is it scary? Those dudes look serious.

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    1. I LURV this movie. It is super creepy. Such a good depiction of slipping into madness.

      I’m going to try another trouble ticket with WordPress about the comment and like buttons missing.

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      1. Eeeeeeeek. Not for me then. :)) Good luck with the comment buttons but I seriously think it’s a glitch related to scheduled posts. Maybe ask Matthew and/or Jeff if they were able to see the buttons when the posts first came out? If they were, then the glitch is also user-specific… not at all sure on what parameters though. Maybe browser. I use Chrome by default, but on MacOSX, if that helps.

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  2. This is a movie I was looking forward to and watched but don’t think I will ever watch again. Which is also how I felt about Dancer in the Dark and ten years later I’ve never watched that a second time either. Some films you just don’t need to (I tell myself), they burn themselves into your brain, for better or for worse. Matey.

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    1. This movie and The Witch are pretty intense, so I understand. I might watch ‘em again, but they’re not films I’ll watch again and again.


      1. Yeah, The Witch was intense but it was like watching Une Buck compared to The Lighthouse! If you liked The Lighthouse have you watched which A Field in England? I’ve seen that twice and it’s my least favourite of all his movies 😀 (watch out for those mushrooms!) I’m sure you could make a good Shitty Movie Detail post out of many aspects of that headfuxk of a movie!

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      2. Down Terrace and Kill List the two best Ben Wheatley films imo, followed by Sightseers (more accessible, funnier) and High Rise (J. G ballad adaptation with Tom Huddleston and Jeremy Irons), very British but where he gets a full Hollywood budget… VERY Kubrick…Probably a director not so well known outside of the UK but one of the best British film directors right now. Sorry to enthuse but more people need to see his movies!

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      3. It’s funny that you mention him. His name was in my RSS feed today. Sounds like some synchronicity to me.

        I put A Field In England in my DVD queue. I was happy to see Howard Moon is in it. I was worried that he’d never get any more work after being the angry crab of trapped wind.

        Hey, there’s a shitty movie detail before I’ve seen the film. Ha!


      4. Ha ha! I have a friend who looks and behaves just like Howard Moon, but I’ve never told him so and I’m not sure he’s even aware 😀

        If nothing else Ben Wheatley’s work is really interesting to look at in terms of the quality of his films in relation to budget and studio involvement. It seems like the films he’s been given free license to direct are the better/more interesting. You definitely never know where he’s going to go next. Looking at IMDB he has some sort of Covid related horror film coming up and I honestly can’t imagine what that might be like. I hope it’s closer to his roots than Free Fire which is without question the least representive and wtf ticking-the-studio-check-boxes of his work so far but probably the highest paying!

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  3. I wish I was as cool as any of those characters, sadly if I had to pick any Mighty Boosh character I’d probably have to be either Bob Fossil or Dixon Bainbridge with the jazz sensibilities of Howard moon, the jeans of Vince and the genes of Bollo! Where would you place yourself?

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