Shitty Movie Detail: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom

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If you do not speak/understand Hindi and find yourself being sacrificed to Mother Kali (if we had a nickel for every time that’s happened!), here’s what to expect, say, and do. When the priest/priestess says, “Kali Ma Shakti de,” and pulls your heart from your chest, respond: “Om Namah Shivaya.” Pass out if at all possible because what comes next will cause you to load your underdrawers, and you don’t want to be that person at the human sacrifice!

4 Replies to “Shitty Movie Detail: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom”

      1. I like them all. For me, the hardest scene to watch in this movie was the sacrifice ceremony. According to mechanical effects supervisor George Gibbs, to shoot the scene where the victim’s heart gets ripped out by Mola Ram, they had to use a heart fitted with an electric motor inside to simulate its beating. The most satisfying part was the death of Mola Ram.

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