Shitty Movie Detail: The Return of the Living Dead

FT, Fartiste Theater's frankenthing mascot.

The best place to hid something is in plain sight. That is why the workers at Uneeda Medical Supplies placed a hidden message in an eye chart in their boss’s office. It reads: “Burt is a Slave Driver and a Cheap SOAB who is going bald too HAHAH.” They “hid” it in an eye chart as a subtle nod to two facts. Namely, that Burt has poor vision and won’t “see” the message, and movie nerds have excellent vision and will comb over every frame of a movie to pull out even the most obscure details.

3 Replies to “Shitty Movie Detail: The Return of the Living Dead”

  1. This is one of my favorite movies. I keep trying to get my family to watch it with me and they all roll their eyes. I remember well watching this in the theater. I went to a Saturday matinee super hungover. I started laughing when Freddie started clubbing the split dog with a broom and didn’t stop until after the credits. Amazing soundtrack as well. I think that eye chart thing was pointed out in the “The Making of ROTLD”.

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