An Extended Shitty Movie Detail: Demon Wind Teaches You How to Read

Demon Wind (1990) is mostly unremarkable. A run-of-the-mill horror flick representative of it’s time. What is remarkable: the subtitles, specifically those provided by Amazon Prime streaming.

During the big final boss fight, the main demon is monologuing menacingly. He says, “I will teach you agony before you die.” Now, I don’t know what was going on in the transcriber’s life, but this is what the subtitle reads:

How did this happen? Long hours? Bored to tears with the job? Brain dead from the movie? Itch to see if anyone is paying attention?

Even better, check out the very next shot:

His eyes say, “OH. DEAR. GOD. NO!”

And then the realization hit me. This demon is Kumon the Tutor! And Cory (Eric Larson) is the spitting image of the face in the Kumon logo. I was always curious why the little face looks so pathetic. Their tutors are demons!

3 Replies to “An Extended Shitty Movie Detail: Demon Wind Teaches You How to Read”

  1. That first screen grab made me burst out laughing. That’s hilarious. It’s also somewhat terrifying. Are memes now self-generating and sentient? Are they attempting to communicate with us? It’s the only way I can make sense of them any more.

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    1. That subtitle completely stopped me cold. Normally I don’t pay attention to the subtitles (when the show is in English). For some reason I happened to be reading it and… 😂

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