The Batman: Choice & Consequence

“When faced with the choice to be anything, I chose to be a disappointment.”
—Nietzsche (probably)

Without parental oversight, i had complete freedom of choice when deciding my degree in college. i chose to double major in philosophy, with a focus in the history of philosophy, and creative writing, with a focus in poetry. Neither the degree i needed, but both degrees i deserved.

While that fact is not significant in any esquema grande way, the choice had profound consequences in my life. Mostly my complete lack of employability in the job market. Mostly.

But what about the choices one faces when the stakes are high? For instance, what’s a young, emo, orphaned billionaire to do in a major city with rampant crime, unlimited dark alleys, and incessant rain? Whether it’s from being insanely privileged and white or all the years brooding in a cavern full of bats—the guano so thick in the air it’s suffocating—Bruce Wayne (Robert Pattinson) chose to become the Batman. To use fear to fight the perceived evil. To be vengeance. So much so that by literally proclaiming it, vengeance is his tagline.

Read the rest of my review over at Interstellar Flight Press…

Bender falling into frame saying, "I'm back, baby."
It’s been a minute, but here i’m am. Back in the game!
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