Journaling June: Bad Bunny Primer

Bad Bunny Butch watching from the corner of my desk.

My name is Butch. I’m a bad bunny. I’m Aeryk’s bad bunny.

(what’s a bad bunny?)

You know Calvin & Hobbes, right? Specifically, Hobbes, the toy tiger/imaginary friend? Well, that’s me, except I’m not an imaginary friend, though Aeryk does have a cute little stuffed doll of me (see the featured image). It doesn’t come to life like Hobbes does for Calvin. Rather, Aeryk sees his doll as a physical manifestation of me. He thinks of it as a kind of totem in which he can capture my essence after some hocus pocus ritual, or some such derivative Stephen King crap.

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Journaling June: Damnable Delusions

Reaching for the popcorn on my nightstand.

The baggie of white cheddar popcorn could save my life, but it’s no use. It’s right there on the table, a few feet away, and I cannot reach it.

(it’s only a slight stretch. we can do it.)

And aggravate my back? I can barely breathe, shallowly, lying perfectly still.

(we have to do something. we’ll starve if we wait here for help.)

And if I move I risk permanent paralysis. I just have to hold on. Somehow.

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Journaling June: I Suck at Cave Time

Close up shot of a small wooden Weeping Buddha statue.

“What is great in man is that he is a bridge and not a goal: what is lovable in man is that he is an OVER-GOING and a DOWN-GOING.” —Friedrich Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

I love the empowerment that Nietzsche’s writing exudes, particularly the idea of going down. He means it in several ways, but for me it’s the idea of going into oneself, down deep to face the dragons therein, where I find the greatest interest.

For several months now I have actively been trying to get 15 minutes of quiet time everyday. Time without distractions from my phone, tablet, TV, notebooks, other people, or anything. Time to contemplate . . . whatever. My wife calls it cave time. Considering I’m a guy, why I’m doing it, and my philosophical background, cave time is perfect.

I wish, like Nietzsche, I could write something powerful and inspiring, or mearly thought provoking. Sadly, all I can report is that I suck at cave time.

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Journaling June: The Devil in the Details

Ceiling Texture

We look for patterns in the chaos. I don’t know if any other animals do also. Even if they do, how would we know. Assuming we could, that’s for those who are far smarter than I to figure out.

I’m fond of finding patterns in the texturing on walls and ceilings. I found one, a cartoon face, in my ceiling while doing my crunches. The feature image of this post is of the texturing I’m talking about. Here’s a closer view, specifically of the part that grabbed my pattern-establishing imagination:

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