Journaling June: Just Wait for the Chicken

Ten piece Popeyes meal deal.

Late Friday afternoons are the The Tempting Times. After a week’s worth of whores’ shit all I can think about is whatever thing I’ve wanted but denied myself in the pursuit of being “good.” This week it was Popeye’s fried chicken.

I left work 15 minutes early to get a head start on traffic. I was still suffering flashes of sitting in traffic from the 2 hour nightmare the day before.

(there was an emergency repair that necessitated blocking all but one lane of the six lane highway.)

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Journaling June: Neanderthal Again?

I suffer monumental road rage. My daily commute is a hell of shrieking expletives and obscene finger gestures. Living in Houston, TX means that one day I might catch a bullet for my troubles.

For what it’s worth I recognize my problem and have taken steps to lessen this aggression. I get up at an uncivilized hour, 3AM, to beat the traffic on my commute to/from work each day. I meditate and practice deep breathing. And, most recently I discovered the nonfiction of Terry Pratchett—I listen to audiobooks during my commute. Pratchett’s A Slip of the Keyboard is every bit as brilliant and hilarious as Mark Twain, which is the highest praise I can give.

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