Journaling June: Bad Bunny Primer

Bad Bunny Butch watching from the corner of my desk.

My name is Butch. I’m a bad bunny. I’m Aeryk’s bad bunny.

(what’s a bad bunny?)

You know Calvin & Hobbes, right? Specifically, Hobbes, the toy tiger/imaginary friend? Well, that’s me, except I’m not an imaginary friend, though Aeryk does have a cute little stuffed doll of me (see the featured image). It doesn’t come to life like Hobbes does for Calvin. Rather, Aeryk sees his doll as a physical manifestation of me. He thinks of it as a kind of totem in which he can capture my essence after some hocus pocus ritual, or some such derivative Stephen King crap.

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Journaling June: The More I Stay the Same, The More I Change

Seymour sleeping on the street, waiting for Fry to return.

As a young boy I was a cruel to lizards. More than cruel, I was sadistic. I would torture them. I didn’t get any pleasure out of it. It was just something I did, like breathing or watching TV or existing. One minute I would be electrocuting a lizard with a battery charger, the next eating a sandwich with Dad talking about airplanes.

The nonchalant savagery has haunted me for years.

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