Shitty Movie Detail: Diamonds Are Forever

The great honey mustard dipping sauce transformation bath.
FT, Fartiste Theater's frankenthing mascot.

Only the richest of super villains could afford reconstructive surgery in the early ‘70s. It was prohibitively expensive because one had to be completely submerged in honey mustard dipping sauce. Do you know how many 20 piece McNuggets you have to purchase in order to receive enough packets of sauce to fill a tub and slather a full-grown, white-cat-stroking man?

Shitty Movie Detail: You Only Live Twice

Sean "Japanese" Connery
FT, Fartiste Theater's frankenthing mascot.

To infiltrate the S.P.E.C.T.R.E. base on Ama Island, James Bond has to “become a Japanese.” Doing so is a subtle… Who am I kidding? There’s nothing subtle about Sean Connery. All he does is comb his hair in a Romulan style. He can’t even be bothered to change his accent, much less his looks.