Shitty Movie Detail: Parasite

FT, Fartiste Theater's frankenthing mascot.
FT, Fartiste Theater’s frankenthing mascot.

During the heavy rains, the Kim family’s half-basement apartment floods. This flooding causes the sewers to back up, which in turn sends human effluent spraying out of the turlet. This, quite literally, is a shitty movie detail.

Furthermore, as the eponymous title suggests, there was at least one parasite in said sewage.

2 Replies to “Shitty Movie Detail: Parasite”

  1. Buttons are back! 😎🕵️‍♂️

    Yikers. That don’t look like fun. Our bathroom’s looking pretty sweet by comparison (blows knuckles rubs on shirt ;)).

    Parasites, viruses… all very timely, Aeryk. :))

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