Shitty Movie Detail: Doctor Sleep

FT, Fartiste Theater's frankenthing mascot.
FT, Fartiste Theater’s frankenthing mascot.

(Mild Spoilers)

It is difficult to watch Obi-Wan (Danny Torrance) struggle to hide his connection with Force (or “the shinin’” as we call it here on the Earf). Thankfully, he comes to terms with his “gift” in time to help a young girl.

By help I mean: uses her as bait; gets her father killed; makes her an accomplice to multiple murders; gets her drugged and kidnapped; causes a major accident—to the car she’s riding in; exposes her to a gruesome death; takes her across several state lines; and finally, makes her an accomplice to hundreds of thousands of dollars of damages to private property by arson.

Luckily, all of that is TOTALLY understandable and NOT illegal, creepy-rapist-uncle behavior. I think… I mean, we’re a lot more progressive these days, right?

4 Replies to “Shitty Movie Detail: Doctor Sleep”

  1. Now I really need to see Dr. Sleep. My son and I were going to go watch it in the theater, but we switched to the Terminator movie at the last second–which was a fine choice, we both enjoyed it. Dr. Sleep (the book) is one of the most important books in my life. After reading it, I decided to finally give up alcohol. In general, Stephen King is a pretty major factor in my life. I relate to him in so many different ways: politically, via sobriety, life threatening accident, the thing that’s missing is more-money-than-god. This is what happens when I have nothing to do. My blog comments get long and rambly.

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    1. I read everything I could get my hands on by Stephen King when I was a young un (middle, high school, early college). Then my college reading took over all my time. Then I got all high and mighty. Then I realized that elitism I’d learned in college was horseshit. I’ve dipped back into comics and other genre fiction. I need to pick up something of his and see what he’s doing.

      Thanks for being long and rambly. I mean, this is the most interaction I’ve had with anyone besides my wife in a few weeks. And even then, because she’s “essential” she’s out of the house weekdays.

      Ha! How’s that for rambly?


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