Shitty Movie Detail: Universal Soldier

FT, Fartiste Theater's frankenthing mascot.

Ice T’s metal band, Body Count, provided a song for the closing credits: Body Count’s in the House. It’s a subtle and multi-layered song that is the very height of ‘90s cinematic ethos. It’s repeating verses:

Body Count. Body Count.
Body Count. Body Count…

And the chorus:

Body Count’s in the house. Body Count.
Body Count’s in the house. Body Count…

C’est magnifique!

One Reply to “Shitty Movie Detail: Universal Soldier”

  1. God damn, what a brother gotta do
    To get a message through
    To the red, white and blue

    Are you Familiar with the Body Count song “Body Count”? It is the most punk song ever written and should be mandatory listening for every suburban, trump-supporting white guy running around with his head stuck up his ass. There’s an interview until 0:48 and then the song starts. It’s a religious experience.

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